Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Nature versus Nurture

I experienced startling example of nature versus nature today...

Little Miss had been out in the garden with her father. She came in to me in the kitchen holding a very long and very muddy earthworm in her hand. She held it out to me saying: "Look, Mummy, it won't hurt you..."

and I reacted like this:


Her face fell a mile. Suddenly, she wanted to get rid of this creature and dropped it on the floor in disgust. Instantly, she had gone from a little girl proud of the marvellous discovery she had just made to a little girl frightened and repulsed by this harmless creature.

And I haven't stopped feeling guilty since.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

You know you're married with children when...

You come home from a rare night out to find that something has been left on your pillow.  Oh! you think excitedly, maybe your husband has left you a love note! Wow! Maybe some romance has crawled back into a 5-year-marriage battered and bruised by the arrival of two small people! Oh the excitement! Oh, how much you love your husband! What a sweetie!

But it's dark, so you don't actually know what it is... yet. 

So you approach the bed quietly, for your husband is fast asleep. Oh! What sweet missives might have been left on... actually, what is it? You can't quite tell...is it a card?  No, too small for a card. A post-it note maybe?  It's hard to tell but You're nearly there! You've got it!  

But you still can't actually see what it is so you race to the bathroom and voila!




And in case you thought I was joking here's a close up