Tuesday, 8 November 2011

As a relatively new parent (I'm only four years into it you know) I've often wondered when that moment will come where your kid becomes smarter than you. You know, the time when they will roll their eyes, sigh exaggeratedly and with all the patronising gusto they can muster go, "no mum, this is how you use it" about any form of technology you can think of.

It's a foregone conclusion that, unless you're a techno-geek, one day your kids will think you're a dunce. You did it once, remember? When you had to show them how to use the brand new video recorder?

Well, it's happened to me already.

We're on holiday, and this morning, due to the Sunshine Duke's unwavering ability to wake up early no matter what time he went to bed, I was up and trying to work the TV, to give everyone else in the house, at least, a lie in. I tried every remote control (and there were five of them), I tried fiddling with the batteries in them, I tried the buttons on the TV... I tried the cables at the back, I tried everything. Exasperated, I flounced into the kitchen to make myself a calming cup of tea, promising the Duke that I'd be right back to have another go. 

I turn my back for five minutes and guess who's switched the TV on?

Did I mention he is not even three years old yet?

At least I didn't get an eye roll and a sigh, just a "Look, Mummy! The TV is on!" and a delighted smile across his cherubic face. 

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