Friday, 27 January 2012

Little Girl's Wishes

We made daddy some fairy cakes for his birthday. We put candles in, and since there were some left over, we lit them all so that Little Miss could blow one out. Don't forget to make a wish, I said.

I already have! she said

What did you wish for?

I wish I was Tinkerbell when I grow up...

...I wish I had a puppy and a kitten when I'm bigger...

...and hamsters...

...And  a hundred babies.

A hundred babies!

Yes. All girls though.

Oh! Why?

Because boys just distract girls.


  1. Seriously!?! She SAID that!!!! Wow!!!

  2. yeah, I know. I fell about laughing when she said it...I think she was referring to her brother, and I'm not sure she's entirely sure what distract means!