Sunday, 4 March 2012

Why I love Toddlers, Part 2

Since bemoaning the end of the toddler years in my house, starting here, I've been reminiscing about some other things I shall miss... 

1. There is nobody, repeat nobody, else in my life, who, on a roughly half-hourly basis, runs into the kitchen, throws themselves into my arms and says "I yuv you" with complete sincerity.

2. The Duke points to the sky every time he sees a plane, and EVERY time, without fail, he yells, "WOCKET! Look, Mummy, a WOCKET!"

3. My much older, 4 year old, girl doesn't kiss and cuddle me anymore. If I ask (and I have to ask or I don't get) she pauses for a moment. Weighing up the probability, I'd hazard a guess, as to the likelihood of any cuddle being rewarded by something tasting of, covered in, or containing, chocolate. The toddler, on the other hand, regularly says "I want you mummy, Stay mummy, I want a snuggle mummy." Music to my ears.

4. You get to inhale the wonderful smell that is Playdoh – and be instantly transported back twenty thirty years. You  get to play Playdoh hairdressers again, heck, you get to play with Playmobil again. You know, strictly in the name of childhood-learning-through-play of course.

5. They're certifiably insane.

Exhibit A:
Cue bashing head on wall, door, sofa...

5. Sleep. They can sleep anywhere. Rolled up like an Egyptian mummy in their sheets; splayed horizontally across the bed; face down, bum up in the air... They can fall out of bed...and carry on sleeping.
My kingdom to be able to sleep with such wild abandon.

6. My highlight of the morning is the two slurps of coffee I get while it's still hot. His highlight of the morning is putting a rice crispie up his nose.

7. Their diction. They get words wrong, they can't pronounce stuff, specifically, in his case, every 'l' is a 'y'
Akcha-yee (Actually)
Nearyee (Nearly)
and my personal favourite,
mummy you "got-for" your drink (forgot)

Sigh, they grow up so fast... 


  1. Aw bless. My Lily - now ten, going on 27 - couldn't say 'L'. This was pretty funny in her case as she had to call herself 'Yiy-ey'. We were only reminded of this recently when watching a video from back then!! :)

    1. It's sooo cute, isn't it.. And we think we'll remember these things forever but we don't..