Sunday, 28 November 2010


When I was little I wanted to be a rock star, à la Pat Benetar, clad in leather belting out rock ballads down a mike.

I soon gave up on this ambition, largely due to the fact that well, I can't sing.

But since I've had children I've been able to sing quite a bit. Lullabys, mostly, when they were babies and needed soothing to sleep. Nursery Rhymes and the like since then. And I was singing to the Duke this morning...Old Macdonald, I think it was.

And the Duke, who, bear in mind, can only just about string a two-word sentence together (and even then it doesn't really come out as a sentence but rather two words stuck together: "More. Bread." "Have. It.") looked me in the eye and said: "No. Sing."


  1. lol! Oh flower....are you sure he didn't say 'More. Sing.'? xxxx