Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Christmas Fairy and the Advent Calendar

Little Miss is 3 now, so, for the first time (ever in my life, in fact) I'm trying to assemble an activity advent calendar thingy. The advent calendar, as far as Little Miss is aware, is filled with treats and fun things to do by the Christmas fairies, who come down the chimney on November 30th...

Only I'm Chief Christmas Fairy...and I haven't got a arty/craft bone in my body. Still, I'm ploughing on regardless...

...but I've got to day 15 and I've run out of ideas.

So, er, Help! Ideas, please?


  1. Just got to check out there in Blogland lovey, bound to be plenty of ideas and all you need to do is keep one day ahead of Little Miss! x

  2. Good idea Lavender thanks for that, and as for staying ahead of Little Miss now THAT keeps me fit!