Thursday, 9 December 2010

I've been Rumbled

I have been known to exclaim "Jesus!" in moments of stress with the kiddywinks. Particularly while driving. Little Miss, on the ball as ever says,
"Jesus? Why are you saying Jesus Mummy?"
"I didn't, I said er... cheeses!"
"Why did you say cheeses Mummy?"
"Because we've just been to the supermarket and I've forgotten to buy any cheese!"

and she swallowed it.

But now she's doing a Christmas nativity play, and singing Away in the Manger, so when I said
"Why did you say Jesus Mummy?
"I said cheeses!"
"You said Jesus, Mummy. Why did you say Jesus Mummy?"
"Are you going to sing Mummy?"
"Yes! That's it poppet, I was remembering the words to Away in the Manger"
"Can you sing it Mummy?"
"Um, ok.."

and I'm about to launch in to it when a little male voice from the back cries
"No. Singing"