Friday, 3 December 2010

Imagine that

One of the things I love about hanging out with a 3 year old is the fact that imagination plays such a big part in daily life. We might be playing doctors, building a house with blocks or cooking up a storm on the plastic kitchen... it's all good imaginative fun. It's easy to forget, when you're a fully fledged adult, just how much fun it is to live in an imaginary world.

Little Miss came home the other day with some very sparkly, very pink, tinsel, after a trip out with Daddy, and was very excited about it.

She instructed Daddy exactly where to put it, up in her room, above her cupboard.

"Mummy, Mummy! Look!" she says, brimming with excitement.

"Ooh!" I say, "Isn't it beautiful!"

"Yeah!" she exclaims

"Ooh!" I say, "Maybe your cupboard is now a fairy castle!"

"yeah..." she says

"And the tinsel is the magic entrance!" I say, getting really into it here, "so now, your cupboard is a magic fairy castle with a magic pink tinsel entrance!"

I look at her expecting her to share my excitement at this new imaginary place but she looks at me with that why-are-you-such-a-cretin look, and says: "It's just a cupboard, Mummy".


  1. I had a similar experience with Ruby's Disney Belle doll. She was in her bedroom so 'Belle' knocked on the door. Ruby said "come in" so I popped Belle's head around the side of the door and said, in a high pitched voice "can we come in?" "yes" said Ruby, but mummy Belle doesn't talk like that her voice is more squeaky!"

  2. ha ha ha ha, that's hilarious.

  3. They can put you down with one comment and make you feel about 2 feet tall!