Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Oh God, I knew I should have paid more attention at school..

"Mummy, why are there trees?"
"Er, well, um, let me see, er, well they're part of um, nature! And, er, they hold the earth together..." (WHAT?)

"Mummy, why is the moon out?"
"Er, well, um, let me see, er, well you know who knows aaalll about the moon?
"Big Grandad. Ask Big Grandad, he knows all about the moon!"

"Mummy, why is the moon high high up?
"Ah well, because we're a planet, and the moon is a planet, and the planets are very very very very far away from each other."
"Why, Mummy?"


  1. Tehe know that feeling, but then I think children these days know so much more than we do.

  2. Don't they just, it's the sheer amount of questions I get asked, going to have to start swotting!