Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Now, I'm probably not the worst gardener in the world, but I think I'm probably pretty close. Last summer, I put one of my house plants outside and watered it, thinking "It's a plant, it's going to love sunshine and water!"

It died.

So imagine my surprise when my potted basil and mint plants started thriving. Yes, thriving. Not just clinging onto existence, but positively blooming. Big healthy leaves reaching up into the sky. I was so proud of my little self.

Sigh. My elation was short-lived.

Because Little Miss decided that my carefully tended, first ever successful plants needed a haircut. A haircut? Yes, a hair cut.

Naturally, to a 3-year-old a hair cut means complete obliteration.

This is what is left of my mint plant...

and my, sniff,  basil

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