Sunday, 10 July 2011

Mummy, did I write my name?

It's a roller coaster ride, this parenting lark. Whilst I really only write about the fun stuff here there's no doubt that there are some real lows too. On a particularly challenging day, you might even wonder what on earth ever possessed you to procreate. But the rest of the time, there's just no beating it.

Take, for example, the heart-bursting pride you feel when they do something new.

Like when Little Miss disappeared into the lounge and came back holding up a notepad saying,

"Mummy, did I write my name?"

Well, she may as well have written a bestselling  Pulitzer-winning  Nobel-prize-for-literature-winning-novel for the pride that I felt.

And just so you can see what I mean, here it is:

What do you mean it's just a squiggle?

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