Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Top 5 things I love about kids

Thanks to Kate Takes 5 for this one:

1. Sense of time. Or rather, lack thereof. The fact that time is measured in meals: when we get there, will it be lunch? No. Is it tea time? No. Oh, is it lunch, then? No. Oh. Is it breakfast?

2. The ability to display every emotion they're feeling. Adults don't get the chance to throw down tools, hurl themselves onto the floor and wail because We Didn't Get What We Wanted.

3. The fact that everything, EVERYTHING, can be fixed with ice cream.

4. They're actually incredible logical. Why would you choose to eat the sandwich, when you've got a strawberry yoghurt on the table?

5. The way they speak, the way they tumble over words and rearrange them as they see fit. They way they can't pronounce stuff: "You got-for my bag, ack-cha-yee" (you forgot my bag, actually).