Saturday, 8 January 2011


When oh when oh when oh when will I ever be clean again? I don't mean that my shower's broken, I mean that from the time I get up to the time I go to bed I get covered in...

The Duke uses me as his personal handkerchief every time his nose runs, which, let's face it, is ALL the time.

Little Miss reverts to her 2 year old self quite frequently saying: "Feed me" and wanting to sit on my that's the trousers covered

And simply during the process of that day's glueing, colouring, feeding and bathing I end up covered head to toe in glue, pen, food and...

...the  pièce de résistance was this morning when, while I was still in bed, the Duke crawled over me, only husband had omitted to change his very full nappy first...



  1. Woah, I have nothing but sympathy - that sounds tricky! How many loads of washing per day, do you think?

  2. Oh, one at a minimum, but after this incident a VERY LONG HOT SHOWER!