Monday, 10 January 2011


Like any mother, I'm keen to know whether my little one is making any friends at school, and what she thinks of the friends we already have.

So I was thrilled when, on the way to Ruby's house, she said: "I love Ruby".

"Ah, that's nice!" says I. And I want to find out more.

"So what is it you like about Ruby?"

I'm expecting a character analysis here, you know, "Ruby's nice" or "Ruby is friendly" or something along those lines but, what she likes about Ruby is:

"Her doll's house"


  1. Ha! At least you can't question her honesty.

  2. Honesty is what I sooo love about a 3-year-old.. check out post called Dobbing...!

  3. Ha and she hadn't even seen it then!