Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Don't you just love it when kids dob themselves in?

We were walking along the high street and she was playing at pushing her (shiny new Christmas present) pram and baby in front of her and then running after it. This is fine along a high street of course, but not in the shops, so I say "don't do that now we're in the shop please" as we enter a Marks and Spencer.

But of course, as sure as night follows day she does it again, in the shop.

"You do that again and I'll take it from you Miss."

And I carry on shopping whilst watching her out of the corner of my eye. And as sure as night follows day...

"Right, that's it, I'm having that now."

"Nooo!" waaaaail "Nooo!"

"I told you if you did it again I would take the pram so now you can't have it until we're out of the shop."

"But I waaaant it." Waaaaaiiiil

"Then why did you do what I had told you not to?"

And without even hesitating Little Miss says: "because I thought you weren't looking Mummy."


  1. Hah! Bless - can't fault her for candour at least!

  2. Quite! Even though she is capable of the most outrageous whoppers! Clearly she didn't have the chance to think this one through

  3. LOL. My Mr7 does the same thing with his scooter. They never grow out of it.