Thursday, 23 September 2010

Educating Duke

I'm getting quite interested in all this talk on the news about educating boys, and how they learn differently to girls.

I'm interested because I'm trying to teach The Duke a few things.

I've stuck a poster up on a wall with some farm animals on. And every morning, we go through it:

"This is a Sheep" I say
"'eeep" he says, enthusiastically
"And this is a duck," I say
"'uck" he repeats
"And this is a dog"
"'og," he says, and I think Wow, he's really getting it!
"And this is a Cow"
"Ka-ow" he says.

So then I go,

What's this Duke?
"Ka-ow," he says
"No, it's a Sheep"
"'eep," he says, as if that's what he meant to say all along..
"And what's this?"
"Ka-ow!" he says
Um, no, it's a duck"
"'uck!" he says
And what's this?
No, Duke, it's a dog"

And he just loves our little game.

Which is just as well, since I've been doing the same thing for several days now.

And then, Eureka! He gets it right. Well, he got the sheep right... and the duck.

So the next morning, we look at the poster and try and show off our new-found knowledge to Daddy!

"What's this Duke?" I say, pointing to the sheep
"Ka-ow!" he says, all excited..
"Um, no, it's a sheep.
"Never mind, let's try again. What's this?"
"Nooooo, it's a duck"
"Ok, let's try One Last Time, and show Daddy how clever you are!
What's this?" I say, pointing to the sheep again."
He looks at the picture
He looks at me
He looks at the picture
He smiles

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