Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Thin (Parenting) Line

It's such a fine line we tread between adoring our kids and devoting ourselves to making them happy...

...and not turning them into Spoilt Brats.

This one, I fear, crosses that line.

Little Miss' morning programme is coming to an end, so I say to her:
"Would you like to come shopping with me?"
(Daddy is at home, so I'm excited at the chance for some Mummy-Daughter time.)
"Which shop?" she says
"The green one," I reply. "You know, the one nearest to us, in town."
"What are you buying?" she says
"Some bits for lunch."
"Are you buying anything for me?"
"Um, no, not this time poppet."
"So are you coming with me?"
"No." she says, and turns back to her programme.

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