Tuesday, 7 September 2010

It was an Accident, Mummy

At mealtimes it's always a job to get the kids to stop trying to play with things and just eat their darn breakfast/lunch/tea...
With the Duke it's fairly easy, put the offending toy out of sight and it will be out of mind.
Little Miss is a smart kid though, so when I put the toy radio on the floor so that Duke wouldn't see it, it miraculously reappears on the dining table.
I spot it, Little Miss spots that I spotted it and says:
"Mummy, I put it there by accident."
"By accident?" I say
"Yes," she says, quite firmly
"You picked it up off the floor," I suggest
"Yes Mummy," she replies
"And put it on the table," I continue
"Yes" she says
"Right next to you,"
"Yes," she replies, beginning to get bored of Mummy stating the obvious
"And all by accident?"
"Yes, Mummy," she repeats, and looks at me like I'm the one with the problem

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